The Winners @ SWMUM Feb 2012


Yet another successful and energy filled Startup Weekend comes to an end and we have tons of stories, memories, experience and 3 winners from this edition. A focussed group of entrepreneurs made 7 pitches to the judging panel on Sunday. Three of them were awarded winners. Here is a bit more about who the three teams are:

Star Outfits Won The First Place

“An idea for a person to order any of the apparel that he/she sees on TV” – Star Outfits taps a lucrative market where housewives (not limited to them) can order the saree that a television actress is wearing on screen. Taps into the huge tele shopping market in a social way. No wonder they were the judges choice!

Team: Giri Prashant, Anirudh Shah, Gaurav Munjal, Avnish Kumar

Ossum Were the First Runners-up at #SWMUM

A friend once told, ‘when the gold rush happened, the ones who made most money were the ones selling pots & pans’. Ossum reminds us of the same. “Ossum gathers deals from the hottest deal websites and shows you only the ones you’ll love!”.

Team: Nirav Shah, Dhaval Shah, Raghu Bhat, Manish Reddy, Varun Jain, Raghu Prodduturi

Chalo Let’s Go – Consolation Prize (Second Runners-up)

If you live in Mumbai or any other well populate city, you do know how much of a pain public transport can be, specially Autorickshawas. Chalo let’s Go attracted the judging panel with the magnitude of the problem they handled. Indeed a problem worth taking on.

Team: Joelle Schulthess, Aditya Kulkarni, Fayaz Hudah, Vijay Grover, Chalinda Abeykoon, Kishore Karanala, Tirthesh Ganatra

You can read more about all the teams here