The Line-up Startup Weekend Mumbai!


We are hours away from final presentations at Startup Weekend Mumbai and the teams are giving final touches to their startups. Some busy getting a video cut of their customer validation, some hard at coding, while others preparing the financials for their final presentation. So what would you see at 5PM today? Well here is the list of 7 startups coming out of Startup Weekend Mumbai:

1 – VirtuLabs

VirtuLabs is about Virtualising your Laboratory Experiments ! Ever thought of trying whacky Chemistry experiments and were turned down by your school teacher ? Come aboard ! We create “Simulators” to give you the “Laboratory Experience” right through your browser. These “Virtual  Experiments ” can be integrated with the “Ebooks” so that you could “actually” perform experiments while reading your Ebooks !

The world is just so “Real” !

Twitter: @virtulabs | FaceBook

2 – WhereUGoin

Sometimes we do smart things, sometimes we do dumb things. Most of the time we don’t do anything! With our magical app, you’ll have a way to go out and have fun without cutting fruits or killing pigs on your phone. gives you hyper-localized places/events that you can visit NOW! You tell us how much time you have, you tell us what you prefer and we
tell you!

Web@whereugoin1 | FaceBook

3 – Ossum – Deals You Love

Ossum gathers deals from the hottest deal websites and shows you only the ones you’ll love!

Web / Twitter / Facebook

4 – Star Outfits

Its an idea for a person to order any of the apparel that he/she sees on TV. This can best be explained with an example.

eg: Lata is getting her daily fix of Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV. Archana, the female protagonist, is getting ready for a party. She ends up in a green and gold saree. Lata has an inkling that her husband would love her in this saree. She calls Star Outfits at 56767, and places her order by saying “Today, Zee TV, Pavitra Rishta, Archana”. Two weeks later, her saree is delivered.


5 – The Cause Connection

The Cause Connection connects volunteers, organisations and donors to facilitate discovery, intelligent matching, assure quality while creating social impact. It is an online portal which works as a network of volunteers and organisations, providing services to match the right causes to the right volunteers through smart search functionality. As a network, members will be able to share experiences, feedback & visual media on the portal. An element of competition will be achieved by awarding Karma points to active volunteers and allowing them to share these on social networking platforms. As part of the premium feature set, organisations will be able to use the portal to attract a larger number of volunteers for their projects and access advanced functionality for managing volunteers. In the future donors will be added to this ecosystem.

Twitter | Facebook

6 – ChaloLetsGo

ChaloLetsGo is an innovative business venture aimed at bridging the gap between commuters and auto-rickshaw service providers. Using the power of modern technology, our vision is to create a win-win environment wherein both parties would feel spoken to and supported in their plight.

To make our vision a reality, our enthusiastic group of multinationals spent hours brainstorming on the current situation, analysing previous attempts at solving the problem, speaking directly to the individuals involved and forming a concrete and viable business solution propelled by the values of transparency and trust. All this with a promise to increase neither risk nor cost for those parties involved.

The main problem we found to be disrupting the current status-quo and leading to increased levels of frustration between commuters and service providers was a clear and potent communication gap. Many previous attempts we researched looked into only one side of the problem, leaving the other side to benefit by default only. ChaloLetsGo wants to change this model and work with all stake holders to achieve an ultimate end result earning the trust and support of both the currently frustrated commuters as well as the unhappy service providers.

ChaloLetsGo, we never say no!


7 –  StreamMyDJ

Need an Bollywood DJ from India at your next house party? Or do you fancy the best French DJ at your kid’s Bat Mitzvah?

Stream My DJ works as a platform for connecting DJs remotely to their clients from anywhere in the world, so that you can afford a DJ at every party. The DJ streams his music over the internet to the client. We provide sound systems with our contractors on the ground backed up with excellent customer support minutes away.